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Facebook Basics For Charities: Part 1: Page or Group?

This is the first of a series of articles looking at the “how” of setting up, managing and monitoring your Facebook presence. We’ll look at the “why” and “what” in future series.

One of the questions I’m frequently asked by charities setting up or re-organising their Facebook presence is whether they need to set up a Page or Group.

Quick answer – usually a Page.

There are three different statuses on Facebook, each designed for a different purpose:

  • Pages: The “official” Facebook presence of a business or organisation
  • Group: An issue-led rallying point for individuals interested in a common cause
  • Profile: An individual’s presence on Facebook

While your charity is likely to focus on common causes, it’s “individuals” that’s the key word with groups.

Groups can certainly be a way of people showing support for the aims of your charity – indeed it can be useful to encourage supporters to set up groups around your causes, and to support those groups that already do this.

But, if you are creating a presence for your charity on Facebook that will be run and monitored by your team with the purpose of promoting the charity itself, then a Page is the way to go.

What advantages are there to setting up a Page?

On a Page you can:

  • Be found through Google
  • Allow multiple administrators
  • Add video/audio
  • Customise your page
  • Import blog feeds
  • Easily send messages to all your “Likers” at once.
  • Customise your URL
  • Target specific user groups for messages

Put simply, a Page is designed to be used as a promotional and engagement tool for organisations like yours. Functionality is appropriate to this, and future functionality will follow the same principle.

Groups are designed to do a different job – you can set up a group as your Facbook presence, but you’ll be using a tool that was really designed to do something else, and consequently doesn’t do it as well.

In Summary

Pages should be used for your go-to presence on Facebook

Groups are great for getting support around specific issues you care about, engage with existing groups or encourage supporters in setting them up.

In Part 2 we’ll look at how you set up a Facebook Page, and some of the neat things you can do with them.